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    Hurcon Team in Austin

    HURCON® team conferring on hail damage repair
    at the Canyon Creek Apartments in Austin Texas.

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Time is of the essence.

Your property has just suffered the devastating effects of a natural disaster or catastrophic event!

What do you do next and what can you expect?

First you need to secure your property and assets to prevent further damage as required by most insurance companies. This is where HURCON® will step in to alleviate your anxiety and concerns with our Emergency Response Team (ER Team) and associated support services.

ER Team Services

The ER team will protect your interests by performing the following:

  • Tarp roofs
  • Board up windows and doors
  • Mitigate all safety issues
  • Secure property
  • Clean up debris
  • Tree removal
  • Water extraction
  • Drying of the property
  • Document restoration
  • Electronics restoration
  • Assist with tenant issues
  • Other mitigating actions as required

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