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    STR™ Process

    The following is our Speed to Recovery™process at a glance.

    1. Emergency services and temporary repairs
       (ER Team).
    2. Water extraction and drying of the building.
    3. Engineering and architectural assessment.
    4. Insurance repair estimates and scope of work.
    5. Re-roofing.
    6. Exterior and interior repairs.
    7. Final walk through and approval.  

  • Answer
    As quick as possible.

With HURCON’S® speed to recovery process no other company can repair your property faster.

Definition of Speed To Recovery:

SPEED TO RECOVERY (STR) verb: The fastest path by which a damaged income producing property can be repaired, especially when referring to the processes used by HURCON® to repair damaged commercial properties following catastrophic events such as fires, windstorms, earthquakes, hail or floods.


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